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Why my customer switched from Zoom to Webex

I’m in Sales, so I’m in the business of making customers happy, which means I listen to and solve issues every day. I’ve transitioned my customer, Truebeck Construction, from Zoom to Webex over the past eight months, and I’ve heard all the things that are important to them when it comes to great video conferencing and collaboration. These range from hard costs, to reliability, to simple screen sharing, to having a standard user interface. And these are the issues they struggled with while using Zoom.

I just scratch my head when I hear this because, to me, these are the basics of any good collaboration technology, not to mention scalable, enterprise-grade technology. Truebeck will certainly have all their needs met with Webex; we will see to that. But they will get so much more – including end-to-end, enterprise security, which you can’t take for granted these days.

We’re going to be sitting down with Truebeck’s IT director in a webinar on Monday, August 19th. Maybe you’re grappling with similar issues today and can glean some insight from Truebeck’s experience. Or maybe you’ll learn about the pitfalls to avoid if you’re just starting to roll out video conferencing – or roll out in a big way – at your company. You won’t want to miss this webinar.

Please join us on August 19th, 9-10 AM, PT, for an intimate discussion with Truebeck. You can register here.

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