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Webinar: Building bridges of hope through Webex video conferencing

Today’s Santa uses online video conferencing

 For over a dozen years, the Cisco teams in Canada, the U.K., and Ireland have been bringing smiles and tears of joy to hundreds of hospital-bedridden children during the holidays through our “Virtual Santa” program.  These children are able to speak to Santa Claus himself as he sits in the North Pole and hosts virtual meetings.

How is it done?  Through the power of video conferencing tools such as Cisco Webex Meetings, team collaboration, and messaging applications like Cisco Webex Teams, and video conferencing endpoints like the Webex DX80 and Rook Kit Series.

If you want a story that will melt your heart, come hear about the innovations and the teams that make this experience a reality.  Sarah Winchester, Cisco Business Analyst, and Rachel de Abreu, Cisco Account Manager, will join to share these heartwarming stories.

Connected North: Video conferencing that bridges remote Canadian communities

Six years ago, Cisco’s Business Development Lead in Canada, Willa Black, and other volunteers installed a high-definition Webex device in a sixth-grade classroom in Iqaluit, Nunavut. These students were then connected to scientists, mentors, song-writers, Olympians, and other kids across Canada through Webex Meetings. The response was immediate and powerful.

Since that one school in the Arctic, an entire program called  Connected North came to be, and this year it will reach 41 schools serving nearly 10,000 students—all designed to deliver immersive and interactive educational experiences across remote Indigenous communities for more holiday online meeting cheer.

From the stage of the renowned Globe Theatre in London, England, to the exhibits of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Connected North is now a bridge to new opportunities for remote classrooms across Canada.

There are so many possibilities of how teams and groups from all over the world can collaborate virtually and eliminate boundaries. These are just a couple of ways that Webex is giving back this holiday season, and we’re thrilled to tell their stories.

We’ll talk with the people who make all these smiles possible, while learning more about the Webex technology that’s bringing more hope and expanding possibilities to these kids throughout the world.


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