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Use team collaboration tools to establish an adaptive and flexible workflow

“Workflow” may sound like business jargon, but the concept is simple, effective, and often necessary for decetralized teams that include in-office, remote, and contract workers.

Teams with both basic and complicated processes can benefit from taking the time to create a step-by-step outline of how individuals or teams work. Thankfully, no matter how involved a workflow may be, Cisco Webex solutions can be creatively integrated to help team collaboration easier, both in the office and across the globe.

The best way to organize a workflow is to begin with the basics. Goal setting is essential to helping a team—especially one working remotely—understand the purpose of their work. With people working in the office, across satellite locations, and on the road, teams can collaborate in real time through Cisco Webex screen sharing and white boarding. Color-coded organizational charts can come to life in an easy-to-understand format, establishing who owns which part of a process and who should be held accountable for the work product.

One challenge of a workflow is ensuring that no one acts as a roadblock due to lack of communication. Thankfully, Cisco has the tools needed to reach a team member whenever or wherever. Set up regular communication easily with Cisco Webex Teams, and people can start a meeting with the tap of a button—no waiting on the host to start. Plus, you can connect your calendar to Webex Teams by using integrations, so you’ll never miss a meeting.

If a matter only relates to one person, or a smaller working group, send a quick, direct message with Webex Teams. Even easier, you can search your messages for vital information later.

Once a workflow is established, your organization will need documents on best practices, so the workflow can be recreated by future team members. One way to create a library is to make use of the recording feature in Webex Meetings to capture relevant information, and then participants can access it from anywhere on mobile, tablet, or laptop. Another useful tool is Webex Training, which can be used for live or on-demand training to keep employees across your company up to date on industry standards and department protocols.

Workflows also work well when you can automate processes. With integrations between team collaboration tool, Webex Teams, and multiple leading apps like Box, Salesforce, and Trello, you can keep projects moving seamlessly with notifications in the Webex Teams platform.

Most importantly, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to workflow will help keep expectations realistic and grounded. Engage in regular feedback with your team on what’s working well, adjust as needed, and see your team thrive as you use Cisco Webex for implementation.

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